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Weight Loss & Hypnotic Gastric Bands

It is well known that 'slimmers of the year' lose fantastic amounts of weight but the moment they come off their slimming diet, they pile the original weight back on and distressingly, more as well.  Does this sound like you? 

The great news is that you can stop 'slimming'.  Hypnotherapy is all about healthy eating, nothing is prohibited, you simply find yourself reaching for good healthy food.  If you want a chocolate,cream bun or biscuit etc. you can have one!  There is nothing worse than being told you cannot eat a certain food, because all this does is make you obsess about the 'forbidden' food even more.

It's not what you eat that is really important... it's what's eating you...

Hypnotic gastric bands have been proven to be almost as effective as the real thing.  Clients have reported back amazing results. 

 They simply find themselves feeling full and satisfied after eating far smaller portions.

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