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 "Loving the work she does, the greatest reward for Patricia is the positive outcome for clients. Here are just a few of the many written comments she has received, the original letters are available to view on first appointment".  

Smoking Tobacco holds absolutely no interest to me now, and other peoples smoke simply does not affect me and this from a 30 a day girl! ….. Before visiting you I had smoked 20 cigarettes a day for approximately 20 years and had tried to cut down or stop on many occasions, always failing to do so. After just one consultation with you I am now a proud non smoker and have been for over a year ….. Words alone cannot describe the effect of the fantastic feeling of freedom from smoking after 25 years of bodily abuse. I can now do all the things that I wanted to do…. After several failed attempts at stopping smoking using good old fashioned will power over the 16 years that I smoked I know that without your help I would still be a smoker today… Since the consultation I have neither had nor wanted a cigarette. I have had absolutely no desire for a cigarette and have not suffered any withdrawal symptoms whatsoever ….. I was very sceptical when I came to you and left slightly unconvinced that I had been hypnotised (I felt more as though I’d been given a very good pep talk) but it worked!  
Fear of Flying Dear Patricia, Just a quick note to bring you up to speed on my latest challenge. I recently flew to Menorca and managed to handle both the aeroplane and the airport without any problems at all. I remembered all you taught me and I now feel ready for next years flight to the United States which would previously have filled me with dread at the thought of being in a crowded confined space for so long. Thanks again for everything. I now apply the techniques to many of my challenges, logic now replaces panic and stress. Love from a much calmer Tracy.   

Weight & Depression "My father told me I was worthless, useless and not fit to be alive, because of this I became worthless, I became introvert and fat.
At 37 I developed cancer, my mum looked after me I loved her so much then she became ill this destroyed me inside, she had lung cancer and died. I became very depressed, suicidal I was simply going through the motions of living. Patricia knew that I had more problems but we slowly dealt with each one in turn.

I am now a slimish 48 year old, have been offered a new joy, in a new home, my life just gets better and better.

I would just like to say thank you Patricia because without your help, kindness and understanding I would probably have committed suicide by now. My advice to anyone suffering like me is give it a go, lets face it you have nothing to loose and everything to gain, it worked for me, believe me try it you won't regret it, I don't!" J.

Anxiety "I can't thank you enough for helping me through a very difficult stage in my life. You were a lifeline to me and helped me cope with terrible anxiety, you gave me hope when I most needed it, thank you so much............... Miss. A

Deep Fears "Thankyou so much for helping me place past experiences of thirty years behind me completely, for all that time I carried deep fears with me it affected my life considerably, I now no longer dwell or think about the past I just look forward.In just one hour you helped me overcome so much that medical treatment failed to do because we dealt directly with the "cause" not the "effect". J

IBS "Thankyou for helping me overcome my fears, phobias and IBS. I noticed the difference straight away. As I said I always had a fear when going into a church or restaurant I want to run out I feel awful. I was dreading my sons wedding, apart from a little flutter before I left home I was fine, the whole day through and to my surprise I really enjoyed myself" P.

Nail Biting "I am writing this letter for the great hypnotism you did for me to stop biting my nails, my nails are now coming on great, people are beginning to notice the difference on them, I've even had a little manicure .........." K

Fear of Childbirth "Thankyou for helping me overcome my fear of childbirth. Before I came to see you I was scared of what I can only describe as the unknown, the pain of labour, the atmosphere of hospitals and caesarean section all struck fear into me. Using your EFT technique I became more relaxed even to the point where I was actually looking forwards to the birth. I cannot believe that in one half hour my fear rating was reduced from a scary 10 to a calm 0. After a seventeen hour labour I gave birth to a 5lb 13 oz baby boy. I have no hesitation in now recommending you to family, friends and colleagues." V.

Fear Of Falling Again " I must write to you to let you know how much I have benefited from your help, I am 80 years old and completely lost my confidence after a nasty fall, I now feel more confident and able to forget about that fall, I'm enjoying more activities now. Thankyou for helping me. " DF

Thumb Sucking "Thank you for stopping sucking my thumb. It has worked for H. it's worked for me." love Z.

Performance Nerves, Lack Motivation "Thankyou for all your help restoring my will to practise my piano, its going very well, my hands are playing faster and I am very pleased with the results, If I have more problems I know where to come to be sorted out, thankyou also for the cd. it's brilliant!" J.

Severe soreness of the Head & Torrid Demons "For eight months I suffered severe stress and been put on tablets by my GP after the sad loss of my mum. Non of the GPs I saw could pin point what was wrong.
After just a few visits I was able and still able to enjoy life and look at things so differently. I can revert to EFT and use it in a way myself to rid the "so called demons"
Patricia will always hold a place in my heart as a lovely lady who turned my life round when I thought everything had gone." Ode to Patricia,love & thanks. T.x

Fertility Problems and IVF "Thankyou for your help and contribution to overcome our fertility problems. I would have tried anything after two failed IVF attempts. Without EFT and hypnosis I may not have had my baby girl now. I enclose a picture of her on her Christening day. Once again, thank you." C.

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