PATRICIA JACKSON - Hypnotherapy Helps


You can relax knowing that the treatment is extremely gentle, you do not have to face your 'phobia' until you are cured, and therefore it is no longer fearful to you. 

Patricia has had many unusual requests including finding out if clients have been abducted by aliens, getting rid of the fear of ticking clocks, used matches and Walt Disney animals.

 “The most common phobias I help are fear of flying and spiders, slugs & snails. The quickest time it has taken to help someone with a phobia is ten minutes, and the longest being three sessions, but previously the person could not even say the word snail without bringing on a panic attack!” 

 Many people have a fear of flying or going in lifts, but whatever the phobia is, the quickest and most effective way of treating it is either EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or hypnotherapy.  

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