PATRICIA JACKSON - Hypnotherapy Helps

How Does Hypnosis feel? 

20 minutes of hypnosis is equivalent to five hours of natural sleep, the only side effects are good ones... You feel very relaxed as endorphins, the natural feel good hormones are released in the body.  

Patricia is extremely grateful to this client for the lovely poem he wrote about his experience of being hypnotised... 

Velvet voice my mind to drown
staircase tranquil down and down
moss & stone the secret door
never seen this place before
open slowly pouring in
perfect whiteness free from sin
soft and comfy sit me down
orb & sceptre, golden crown
secret garden green and lush
float on in no need to rush
mind slows down right to a stop
the perfect place for me to flop
taking off with angels wings
soaring up my flight begins
eagle flying high on high
perfect vision liquid sky
passing over trees and ground
float in silence not a sound
colours dancing I can see
orange blue tranquillity
kaleidoscope of pure beauty
an altered state of mind maybe?
or is it just a part of me?
and have I just been shown the key?
to perfect you to perfect me
I wake to velvet start to see
I focus my reality
my thoughts and wish return to me
no need to run no need to flee
cos things are better wait you'll see
thanks Patricia you found me."

To Patricia
from J.W.

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